Our Mission

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.
Steve Jobs

In the NET Lab, we believe in the power of working together to change the world. Our research is centered on innovative ways of making a difference in the community and improving people's lives. We value all ideas, cultures, and backgrounds and recognize the power that comes from diversity. Our research makes a difference.

As a lab, we believe in the following core principles:

  • Purpose. In all that we do, there should be a clear purpose and vision. That purpose should be centered around helping people and enriching lives through enhanced technologies.
  • Faith. We uphold the value of faith in the scientific community and recognize its role in our daily work. Our research is built on the pure pursuit of truth.
  • Collaboration. Problems can rarely be solved in isolation. We recognize the value and richness other fields can bring to our research. We encourage collaboration with others, especially those from different fields.
  • Work Ethic. We do great work with uncompromising quality. We work on the problems that matter most. From ideation to publication, we uphold the highest standard of quality. We work hard because we know our work matters.